Sweater Trend Evolution History


Sweater trend evolution history

Sweater means "sweat-absorbent yarn" in English. No one knows when the first sweater was woven, but the sweater must be one of the earliest human clothing: archaeologists found the existence of rough sweaters in the tombs of Loulan around 4,000 years ago. In the West, sheep herding, shearing, grooming, dyeing, spinning, weaving, and making sweaters have long been a fixed process: the sheared wool must first be combed, then turned, and finally used for weaving. Today's legal vocabulary In, the spinster, which expresses the word old maid, is derived from the Middle English Spinnestere, that is, a spinning woman. Because in the 17th century, spinning wool was usually a job reserved for unmarried women.

The history of sweaters

The history of sweater weaving is very long. Humans used leaves and animal skins to cover their bodies in primitive life, and they knew how to use weaving techniques in fishing and herding life. The earliest hand-knitted sweaters should come from ancient nomads—tribal shepherd's hands.
With the evolution of civilization and the invention of science and technology, human beings not only make full use of natural fibers such as various animals and plants to weave the items needed for life, but also develop a variety of chemical fibers and mineral fibers to make human life more comfortable and convenient. Therefore, weaving The history of China can be said to be a history of the development of human civilization and technology.Hand Sweater Spinning to Machine Scale Spinning

Sweater trend wear evolution

The sweater has evolved from a novel luxury plaything into regular clothing for people to keep warm and warm, and then into clothing closely related to people's lives. Now it is more fashionable in fashion. The role of wearing and visual appreciation is not only to Keep warm.sweater of the era

Sweaters are regular clothing to keep out the cold

Since the birth of sweaters, great changes have taken place in people's clothing, from the original pure warm type to the direction of light, soft and thin, and more fashionable and beautiful.
From the beginning of its birth, sweaters were only used to keep warm from the cold by using wool weaving technology. They were mostly used as heavy household clothing and when they were working, and they were mostly worn by men. Until the middle of the 19th century, British aristocrats never wore wool to knit. Sweaters are sturdy and cheap garments only worn by ordinary laborers..

Sweaters are novel luxury toys

The first person to associate sweaters with fashion was Coco Chanel. Before her, sweaters were only heavy household clothing, but after her, sweaters became the most respected stars in the fashion industry, showing thousands of changes and styles on the catwalk and the screen. In Paris at the beginning of the last century, "Women dress badly, and a tight skirt is their best dress. This kind of dress has a high chest and a high hip, and is tightly wrapped...". And Chanel boldly introduced the elements of men's fashion into the world of women, creating, his own simple, bright and unique style. As the famous designer, Christian Dior later sighed: a woman revolutionized fashion with a black pullover sweater and a few strings of pearl necklaces. The turtleneck sweater is Chanel's Classic design: simple and comfortable, because it hides the sexy elements of women, it is even more attractive. Black wraps the infinite possibilities and evokes more reverie and desire.
Audrey Hepburn in "Wait Until Dark" cut her pretty short hair, and a turtleneck sweater with fitted trousers, creating the image of a slender, intelligent and strong blind woman. Chanel said: "Fashion evolves, but style Continuation; style, that's who I am." She is indeed qualified to say so.sweater fashion show

The last thing I want to say is

Although the sweater is always changing, the nature that God gave it to keep warm will never change. It is the existence that will always give you hugs and warmth in your memory.find out more new sweaters in stock now, or if you have more passion for handmade sweaters.

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