Due to the precious fabrics of wool sweaters, special attention should be paid to washing and preservation methods:

cleaning method:


1. Mainly hand washing: wool sweaters are suitable for hand washing, the water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees, you can use professional wool washing liquid, gently rub and then rinse.

2. A small amount of water: only a small amount of warm water and washing liquid is needed each time, too much water will cause the wool fiber to swell and deform.

3. Do not machine wash: Machine washing of wool knitwear is not recommended, machine washing is easy to damage wool fibers, causing deformation and balls.

4. Do not bleach: Do not use washing liquid containing bleaching ingredients, which will damage the color of wool sweaters and cause yellowing.

5. Wring out quickly: Wring out in time after washing, and do not soak for a long time to avoid deformation.

preservation method:


1. Flatten and hang to dry: After washing, unfold it flat and hang it to dry naturally without twisting or wrinkling.

2. Prevent jamming and creasing: Use a hanger that prevents creasing and creasing when hanging to dry, not stackable.

3. Protect from light and heat: Hang to dry and store in a dark and heat-proof environment to avoid discoloration and yellowing.

4. Regular patting: During storage, take out the woolen sweater regularly for ironing or patting to restore the bulkiness of the fabric.

5. Storage bag: After drying, it can be wrapped in a storage bag or a quilt cover, and placed in a cool and ventilated place.

6. Moisture insulation and insect protection: Wool sweaters are not resistant to moisture, so they should be isolated from moisture and regularly treated with insect control.

The above are the key points for washing and storing woolen sweaters. Only careful care can maximize the service life of woolen sweaters and keep them soft and comfortable.

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