The washing and preservation methods of cotton knitted sweaters are relatively simple, mainly as follows:

cleaning method:


1. Machine washable: Cotton sweaters can be machine washed, the water temperature is preferably 30-40 degrees, and special washing liquid for knitted fabrics is selected.

2. Add softener: A small amount of softener can be added during the washing process to make the hand feel softer and smoother, but not too much, otherwise static electricity will easily occur.

3. Neutral washing: choose neutral or weakly alkaline washing liquid, avoid using strong alkaline products, so as not to affect the color fastness.

4. Moderate wringing speed: Be careful not to rotate too fast when wringing after washing to prevent the knitted fabric from being scratched.

5. Do not bleach: Never use washing liquid containing bleaching ingredients to prevent yellowing and whitening.

preservation method:


1. Flatten to dry: After washing, it needs to be unfolded to dry flatly, not twisted and wrinkled, so as not to leave wrinkles.

2. Protect from light and heat: Avoid light and heat in the drying and storage environment, and cotton sweaters have poor light resistance and high temperature resistance.

3. Moisture-proof and insect-proof: Moisture should be isolated during storage, and insect-proof treatment should be carried out regularly. Cotton sweaters are easily affected by moisture and insects.

4. Proper Ironing: Regular ironing can restore the shape of a cotton jersey, but be careful not to burn the fabric.

5. Less stacked storage: You can choose storage bags or shelves to hang and store separately, and stack a small amount.

6. Ventilated environment: Keep the storage environment well ventilated. Cotton

sweaters have good air permeability and are prone to mildew.
To sum up, cotton sweaters are easy to wash, but they also require a certain amount of attention and maintenance. Only by choosing the right method and environment can they be stored for a long time and worn close to the body. Maintaining the soft and comfortable feel and comfort of knitted fabrics is our ultimate goal for washing and preservation.

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