Blended knitted sweaters are made of blended fibers of different materials. The washing and preservation methods are based on the characteristics of various fabrics, and a balance needs to be found. The main points are as follows:

cleaning method:


1. Optional machine wash: Blended sweaters can be machine washed, but the water temperature should be controlled at about 30 degrees, and the speed should not be too fast. It can also be washed by hand, and the water temperature is also controlled below 30 degrees.

2. Add a small amount of softener: You can add an appropriate amount of softener during the washing process to make it feel softer and smoother, but not too much to avoid static electricity.

3. Neutral or weakly alkaline washing liquid: choose neutral or weakly alkaline washing liquid for knitted fabrics, and do not use strong alkaline products to prevent damage to fabrics and colors.

4. Moderate wringing speed: Do not spin too fast when wringing after washing to avoid deformation or tearing of the fabric.

5. Do not bleach: Do not use washing liquid containing bleaching ingredients, which will make the fabric turn yellow and white and affect its appearance.

preservation method:


1. Hanging flat to dry: After washing, it needs to be hung flat to dry, not twisted and wrinkled, and then air-dried or dried naturally.

2. Avoid light and moisture: the storage environment needs to be protected from light and moisture to prevent discoloration and deformation.

3. Anti-insect treatment: regular anti-insect spray treatment to prevent moth attack.

4. Moderate ironing: Moderate ironing on a regular basis to restore the fabric to its shape, but pay attention to the ironing temperature to prevent burns.

5. Hanging or folding storage: You can choose a storage bag for set storage, or use a hanger to hang, or stack a small amount.

6. Ventilated environment: The storage environment should be well-ventilated to avoid mildew.

In summary, the washing and preservation methods of blended knitted sweaters are a compromise of various fabric methods, and it is necessary to find a balance point that can not only take into account the characteristics of each fabric but also achieve the ideal feel and service life. Only by choosing properly can it be used and maintained for a long time.

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