How to Store Sweaters Without Wrinkles or Stretching

How to Store Sweaters Without Wrinkles or Stretching

Are you struggling with sweater storage whenever sweater weather is a thing of the past? Even though the deep snow has melted, the spring sun has warmed up, and people can't wait to start focusing on spring and summer fashion trends, the question is, should those sweaters that people toss in the storage room be properly disposed of? If you have the same problem, then the following suggestions will be very useful for you, because when the next sweater weather arrives, you will thank yourself for your efforts.

Everyone's favorite sweater style is different, so the method of storage is different, but some storage suggestions can be shared between different styles of sweaters, and if these methods are followed, even after a long time You can still make your old sweaters work for you year after year.


pile of messy sweaters

Before you start putting our tips into action, you should start by decluttering your closet and keeping those clothes that will never be able to wear you again out of your closet space.

When you've finally cleared your closet space, you might be thinking as you treat yourself to a cup of coffee: Should I just hang up my sweater or fold it?

When we asked a lot of sweater lovers this question, some people think that it is not a good idea to hang the sweater, because in the next year when you want to take the sweater out, you will find that the sweater has happened due to the influence of gravity. Stretches irreversibly. There are also some people who choose to ignore this problem for convenience. They think it can hold more clothes and make them easier to find, and they feel that folding sweaters does not guarantee that they will not lose their shape.

Of course, there is a problem here. Everyone has different storage space at home. But most storage experts believe that folded sweaters will have more benefits than hanging them directly: firstly, it is less likely to deform, secondly, it is not easy to get dusty, and the folded sweater is more beautiful. However, if your hanging With more storage space than shelf space, then you can consider some hanging tricks to prevent unwanted stretching.

The Right Way to Hang a Sweater

#1 Way to Hang a Sweater

When hanging the sweater, we first spread out the sweater neatly. Then turn the bottom of the sweater up and fold it in half once. Then we fold the sleeves on both sides of the sweater inwards. The last step is more critical. We need to put the hanger into the sweater, lift it in the middle of the sweater, fold the clothes in half and hang them on the hanger. The sweater hung in this way will neither deform nor bulge, which solves the troubles that many men and women bother.



The Second Way to Hang a Sweater

The second method of hanging a sweater is also very simple. Likewise, spread out the sweater neatly first. Fold the sweater in half again, sleeve to sleeve. Then prepare a hanger and put the hanger on top of the sweater at an angle. Finally, we only need to fold down the sweater above the hanger and hang it on the hanger. The sweater hung in this way will not deform or bulge no matter how long it is hung.




A third way to hang a sweater

 If you think that the above two ways of hanging sweaters need to be folded and cause creases in the clothes, then I will teach you another way to hang sweaters. First prepare 2 environmentally friendly paper cups. Then use a knife to cut a rectangle in the middle of the bottom of the environmentally friendly paper cup. This rectangle can allow the sides of the hanger to go through. After the environmentally friendly paper cups are transformed, we can put the paper cups on the hangers. When putting the disposable paper cup on the hanger, remember to put the mouth of the disposable paper cup inward. Finally, we hang the sweater in the normal way of hanging clothes. At this time, the environmentally friendly paper cup will raise the shoulder of the sweater, and increase the contact area between the sweater and the hanger, so as to avoid the swelling of the sweater shoulder. (This method is suitable for sweaters that are not easy to sag)



Have you learned the correct way to hang a sweater? Next, let's look at how to fold a sweater

How to fold a sweater:

  • Consider using a long rectangle that can be stacked vertically inside a drawer (or a vertical organizer) to fold sweaters.
  • Fold a sweater so that all sweaters are the same size by folding the arms neatly over the back of the sweater. We demonstrate this approach in the video below:

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How to store sweaters safely?


Choosing the right location for your sweater storage is very important, preferably in a dark and dry place. Also pay attention to whether the storage area is always dry, because as long as it is wet once, the moisture will seep into the fabric and be difficult to remove.

If you can't ensure that your storage space can stay dry all the time, then you will need to learn the following storage tips to reduce the amount of odor entering the sweater in a humid environment. Knowing and implementing these storage tips, you will understand the whole concept of storing sweaters. What should be done in order to be satisfied with the process.

Offseason sweater storage tips:

  • Always let sweaters dry completely after washing, and if you don't know how to wash expensive sweaters, you should consider taking them to a professional dry cleaner, as even invisible body oils and grime can become difficult to remove in the future stains and odors.
  • Please keep your sweater in a cool dry place, if you don't have such a place just put the sweater in the basement or somewhere slightly damp though it's not a good idea to use silica in an airtight container bags or other moisture absorbents.
  •  If you must store sweaters in the basement or in a damp place for several months, it is necessary to store them in an airtight container, but if you are not sure how long or will be stored for a long time, then science The best storage recommendation is to allow the fabric to breathe in a more open container or shelf space, as non-breathable fabrics are prone to mold and odor.
  •  Separate and store sweaters of different fabrics, and put similar ones together. Here is a suggestion: don’t over-compress the folded sweaters, let them have a certain space between them to avoid deformation after compression, severe mutual extrusion will promote moisture accumulation, so ventilation is very important.
  •  Also be sure to keep pests out as much as possible to protect your investment. Some expensive sweaters, like some expensive materials, can last for many years if you store them properly.


Where should I store sweaters in summer?

Long Rectangular Sweater Storage Box

Regarding the strong sunlight and high temperature in summer, the ideal storage location for sweaters should avoid direct sunlight and high temperature, and try to store them in a place with a lower temperature. Places like closet shelves near the ceiling or in attic storage, as well as organizers under the bed, are great places to protect your sweaters from the sun

How to get rid of the smell on the sweater?

Even if you do a good job, you can't completely avoid sweaters that have been sitting for a long time and absorbing the smell of the basement or attic, which will seriously affect your mood, but this is not an unsolvable problem. Feel good

Ways to remove odors:

long-lasting sweater
  • Wash the sweater according to the manufacturer's directions, then spray the sweater with Febreze or Lysol spray.
  • Finally hang the sweater to dry on a sunny, dry day. UV rays are great at killing bacteria on your sweaters and acting as a natural deodorant.
  • Put your favorite essential oil in the space where you store the sweater Open the bottle cap to let the sweater absorb the fragrance of the essential oil or spray your favorite perfume. This step requires a certain degree of airtightness in the storage space.
  • Hand wash clothes with a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and water. (baking soda: vinegar = 1:3)
  • Put the smelly sweater in the dryer on low heat and add some scented dryer balls to it.
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